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a2 Milk™ FAQs



People with lactose intolerance often avoid cows’ milk and other dairy products, however research has shown that lactose intolerant individuals can usually tolerate up to 12-15g of lactose per day, which is equivalent to 250ml cows’ milk. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommends that this amount of cows’ milk may be well tolerated by lactose intolerant individuals when consumed with other foods and spread over the day.

Each person with lactose intolerance will have their own level of tolerance. For those wishing to consume a larger daily volume of cows’ milk, this should be guided by tolerance, or a lactase enzyme supplement may be taken to assist with a larger volume to be tolerated.

a2 Milk™ contains the same quantity of lactose that is found in conventional cows’ milk. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommends that up to 250mL cows’ milk may be well tolerated by lactose intolerant individuals. This volume may be better tolerated when consumed with other foods and spread over the day.


The a2 Milk Company has trading activities in Australia, New Zealand, China, United States, South Korea and Singapore.

You can read more about our businesses here.

As of October, 2019, The a2 Milk Company made the difficult decision to discontinue a2 Milk™ in the UK.

At present, there are no plans to sell a2 Milk™ via any UK retail channels.

Going forward, we are recommending our customers discuss any alternatives with a health care professional, like a GP, as they are best placed to understand specific dietary requirements.

If you have any further questions please contact us.

a2 Milk™ is pure and natural dairy milk, permeate and additive free, that is rich in the A2 type of beta-casein protein because it comes from specially selected cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein and not A1 protein.

a2 Milk™ looks like milk, tastes like milk should, is completely natural and nutritionally dense just like ordinary cows’ milk and is suitable for people of all ages (including children) to drink and enjoy.

The one big difference is in the type of cow.

Different cows naturally produce milk with different protein structures. Our farmers specially select cows that naturally produce A2 beta-casein protein and no A1. Most other fresh dairy milk has a mixture of A1 and A2 proteins. Research shows that a2 MilkTM can help to reduce digestive discomfort in some people who have difficulty digesting ordinary cow’s milk. .. Many people from all over the world tell us they feel the difference when they drink a2 Milk™.

a2 Milk™ is a naturally occurring cows’ milk, not a result of a technological process or genetic engineering.

Our milk is pure, 100% natural and has no additives.


Doctors recommend full cream milk for children over 12 months and low fat milk, for children over the age of two. However, people (including children) with a medically diagnosed allergy to cows’ milk protein or lactose should not drink a2 Milk™, or any other natural cows’ milk.

Back in 2000, The a2 Milk Company was founded in New Zealand by Dr Corran McLachlan after an amazing discovery.

Today, our mission remains the same: to pioneer the scientific understanding of a2 Milk™ so we can bring more people the pleasure and nutritional goodness that only comes from real and natural milk.



Please contact us directly if you have further questions

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