Bessie Lee

Independent, non-executive Director

Master of Science (Illinois State University)
Director since February 2021

Bessie Lee has been a director of the company since 26 February 2021 and sits on both the Audit and Risk Management Committee and the Remuneration Committee.

Bessie is a highly regarded company director and an expert, especially in digital marketing and innovative data management in China, with a diversity of experience. She is a director on the boards of Electrocomponents and Abcam and an industry advisor to Greater Pacific Capital. She was also previously a director at Ecovacs Robotics.

Bessie founded Withinlink Limited in 2015 where she continues to focus on investing and incubating marketing technology start-ups in China, several of which have listed in the past few years.

Bessie was previously the CEO of WPP China, the world’s leading marketing communications group, focusing on mergers and acquisitions, senior client relations and government relations. Bessie is the recipient of numerous industry awards, including being named The Most Innovative Person in Business in 2019 by the International Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Innovators Association (IECIA).

Bessie resides in China.

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