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The a2 Milk Company is awarded Deloitte & Marsh Company of the Year for 2017 - The a2 Milk Company

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The a2 Milk Company is awarded Deloitte & Marsh Company of the Year for 2017

November 24, 2017

Auckland: The a2 Milk Company is very proud to have been awarded the Deloitte and Marsh Company of the Year for 2017.

The Deloitte Top 200 Awards were established in 1990 and are held annually to recognise outstanding individual and management team performances among New Zealand’s largest companies and trading organisations. Contenders are identified from the NZ Top 200 index.


The judges’ notes:

The a2 Milk Company’s meteoric rise is one of the most spectacular share market ascents in years.
Once an “alternative” player in dairy, a2 Milk’s 250 percent share price rise in the year to September puts it squarely among the biggest companies on the New Zealand stock exchange.
Its point of difference is that its products come from dairy cows that only make the A2 beta-casein protein; a factor in its success in China and other Asia markets where sales grew 133 percent in the 2017 financial year.
a2 Milk’s revenue growth of 56 percent in the last financial year, and, sales of over half a billion dollars of product, justify investor confidence in the company. The a2 Milk Company is a success – not just because of the market rating – but because of the results based on the culmination of a strategy that was put in place by the company and led by its focused chief executive Geoff Babidge.


Learn more about the awards here.

Read NZ Herald media coverage of the event and interview with The a2 Milk Company CEO – Geoff Babidge, here.

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