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The a2 Milk Company commences USA launch - The a2 Milk Company

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The a2 Milk Company commences USA launch

May 29, 2015

The a2 Milk® brand has commenced its launch into the world’s largest dairy market – the United States of America (USA).

Following a successful brand debut at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim California in March 2015, the products are now making their way onto Californian shelves.

Wholefoods in Northern California was the first retailer to launch the range of four half gallon milk cartons, with many more set to follow.

Jeff O’Neill, The a2 Milk Company’s USA Chief Executive says, “The reception from consumers, retailers and farmers tells us that a2 Milk® has a real and significant part to play in restoring confidence in dairy milk among the many Americans who have significantly reduced their consumption in recent years”.

“We’ll be bringing a pure and natural product to the many millions of Americans who would otherwise have to restrict or avoid the goodness and taste of fresh milk. This truly is The Milk That Might Change Everything!”

The a2 Milk® brand will continue to build distribution over coming months and is expected to reach approximately 65% of grocery stores across California.

Read what local writers have had to say about a2 Milk®:


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