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Hello Bubbles. Goodbye Troubles - The a2 Milk Company

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Hello Bubbles. Goodbye Troubles

August 29, 2016

a2 Milk range shot
Friday August 26 – Saturday August 27 2016

Apparently blowing bubbles is not just for kids and has been shown to reduce anxiety.

With approx. 1 in 4 Americans experiencing digestive issues from drinking conventional milk, The a2 Milk Company wanted to encourage people to blow away their milk troubles with a2 Milk™ on a sunny weekend in Los Angeles.

On Friday August 26 and Saturday August 27 The a2 Milk Company joined by LA based actress Ali Larter and acclaimed recipe blogger Alyssa Rivers (“The Recipe Critic”) created an interactive day for consumers to learn more about the real milk that could naturally help millions of Americans who have digestive issues with conventional milk.

The event was held at The Americana in Los Angeles – the popular family spot which attracts thousands of families on a sunny Californian weekend.

Visitors were treated to a giant 10-foot-tall replica glass of a2 Milk™ – that doubled as a giant interactive bubble maker along with tasting stations, live demonstrations, giveaways and other surprises throughout the day much to the delight of the many visitors and interested families.

The a2 Milk Company™ is bringing its Australian success story to the US – and launching a2 Milk™ to the west coast, in particular the LA market.

With a marketplace packed with a plethora of lactose-free and dairy milk alternatives, the US market is ripe for an alternative that offers 100% real and natural dairy milk with no A1 protein – the protein that has been shown to create symptoms of milk intolerance in some people.  a2 Milk™ is already sold in many prominent retailers around California  – Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Safeway, and had its largest sales month in July since its launch last year.


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a2 Milk Bubbles 2     Bubbles Ali Larter a2 Milk Bike

a2 Milk Bubbles 3      a2 Milk Bubbles 1

a2 Milk Bubbles 6     a2 Milk Bubbles 4


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Bubbles video facebook

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