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Launch of a2 Milk™ in Singapore - The a2 Milk Company

Latest company news

Launch of a2 Milk™ in Singapore

August 5, 2017

Fresh a2 Milk™ is now available in Singapore – the first step in the company’s emerging markets push

The a2 Milk Company is excited to launch fresh a2 Milk™ into the Singaporean market from this week. Singapore is viewed as the logical first step to drive expansion for The a2 Milk Company into other Asian markets.

For many Singaporeans, consuming milk can be problematic causing a variety of reactions like bloating, nausea and discomfort. As a consequence, many consumers have removed milk from their diet. Conventional milk contains both the A1 and A2 beta casein protein types, yet a2 Milk™ only has the A2 beta casein protein type. Research has shown that many people who have trouble digesting conventional milk, it can be caused by the presence of the A1 protein and find they can enjoy a2 Milk™ because it’s naturally A1 protein-free.

In addition to a population with high education and income levels, there are 1.4m resident expatriates in Singapore, many of whom are Australian or New Zealanders and have tried a2 Milk™ before and are already aware of the brand and it’s benefits.

The fresh a2 Milk™ will be flown in direct to Singapore from Australia every week, so that Singaporeans will able to enjoy exactly the same fresh milk that millions of Australians enjoy every day – natural and A1 protein-free, with no additives and no re-processing. Unlike many milk brands available in Singapore, a2 Milk™ is only pasteurised once.

Fresh, natural a2 Milk™ in 1L bottles is now available from 44 supermarkets and high-end retailers in Singapore such as Cold Storage as well as Jason’s Gourmet and Market Place stores.


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