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New USA television campaign - The a2 Milk Company

Latest company news

New USA television campaign

February 17, 2016

The a2 Milk® brand debuted its first television advertising campaign in USA across the Los Angeles market from February 11, 2016. The locally developed testimonial campaign will feature across both broadcast and cable networks and complements the existing social media, digital and shopper marketing programs across California.


The brand campaign is focussed on building awareness and informing consumers about the unique digestive benefits of a2 Milk®.

Overall consumption of cows’ milk has been in steady decline in USA for many years and digestive issues are the number one driver.

Research shows that 1 in 4 Americans have trouble digesting ordinary cows’ milk and the majority are misdiagnosing their issues to lactose intolerance1.

The a2 Milk® brand is a real and natural milk and a natural solution for many of these Americans without the compromises to taste and nutrition that comes from many of the alternatives on offer.

a2 Milk® was launched into the Southern California region from April 2015 and commenced its roll-out into Northern California from September. In that time the company has made solid progress in building retailer distribution and is on target to achieve approximately 85% of retail weighted distribution in Southern California by late February 2016 and the same is expected in Northern California by late March 2016.

The a2 Milk Company’s USA Chief Executive Jeff O’Neill, said: “The reception from consumers, retailers and farmers tells us that a2 Milk® has a real and significant part to play in restoring confidence in dairy milk among the many Americans who have significantly reduced their consumption in recent years”.

“We’ll be bringing a pure and natural product to the many millions of Americans who would otherwise have to restrict or avoid the goodness and taste of fresh milk, after all this is the Original Milk That Feels Better – Just As Nature Intended”

The a2 Milk® brand is positioned in the specialty milk section, which remains the fastest growing segment of the total milk category and our product is available in four variants.


Read what local writers have had to say about a2 Milk®:


1 Lactose Intolerance – Opportunity to Grow Volume for Dairy through Dispelling Myths and Meeting Consumer Needs (2010). Prepared by Dairy Research Institute and Innovation Centre for US Dairy (Rosemont, IL)

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