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The a2 Milk Company joins Wiseway Logistics to send emergency supplies from Sydney to Wuhan - The a2 Milk Company

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The a2 Milk Company joins Wiseway Logistics to send emergency supplies from Sydney to Wuhan

February 26, 2020

This week The a2 Milk Company joined forces with Wiseway Logistics Australia to send 100 tonnes of emergency supplies to Wuhan in a special charter mercy flight from Sydney. It was the first direct flight allowed into Wuhan since the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

On Monday the plane, donated by China Southern Airlines, took off from Sydney’s Mascot airport loaded with goods ranging from medical equipment and protective gloves to elastic-sided boots, as well as a2 Platinum® infant and toddler formula and a2 Milk™ powder.

A small group of corporates have rallied behind the mercy flight, including The a2 Milk Company, however most of the donations have come from mums, dads and members of the Australian Chinese community, wanting to help those hit hardest by the virus.

There has been an influx of donations and plans are underway for another flight to leave Sydney in a few weeks.

Peter Nathan, CEO Asia Pacific said of the mercy flight:

We want to indicate our support to the people of China and our customers in this very difficult time. As we all know it’s been an extraordinarily challenging time for China and we clearly want to demonstrate our sincere sympathy. We want to do whatever we can.

The donation of 12 pallets of product is in addition to the $NZ500,000 committed each to the University of Queensland and the Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity to assist in the development of a vaccine.

The Company has also previously donated Chinese RMB 5m (AUD $1m), to the Shanghai Red Cross and another RMB 5m in dairy products to dispatch to front line medical teams combating COVID-19.



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