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The a2 Milk Company continues to expand in the U.S. - The a2 Milk Company

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The a2 Milk Company continues to expand in the U.S.

January 25, 2017

The a2 Milk Company this week joined Australian politicians and celebrities to highlight great Australian products and brands pushing into the U.S.

Every year as Australia Day is celebrated the Australian Consul in Los Angeles holds a series of events under the G’Day USA banner to promote successful businesses and promote the great trade relations between the two nations. This year the promotion is being held in the background of President Trump’s decision to wind back the U.S, participation in the Trans Pacific Pact, one of the first decisions he made on his inauguration last Friday.

Managing Director of The a2 Milk Company, Mr Geoff Babidge said:

“Events like G’Day USA are extremely important conduits for Australian companies seeking to establish themselves on foreign shores. The a2 Milk Company is delighted to join the Departments of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Los Angeles Consul in this extremely important initiative.”

Geoff Babidge, Curtis Stone, Blake Waltrip

Geoff Babidge, Curtis Stone,
Blake Waltrip
Photo: Jerick Dizon

The a2 Milk Company recently launched its line of pure and natural cows’ milk that is easy to digest in California, the mid-north west and home market of Colorado. With the growing company profile in the USA driving momentum in the market the a2 Milk™ brand will soon be coast-to-to coast when the products become available in a highly-regarded major retailer in the South East during March 2017.

A natural alternative for people with sensitivities to conventional dairy milk, which contains the A1 beta-casein – a protein often associated with indigestion and discomfort – the a2 Milk™ brand offers consumers with digestive sensitivities the opportunity to enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of real and natural dairy milk. With over 75 million consumers misdiagnosing themselves as lactose intolerant when they’re likely suffering from sensitivity to the A1 protein, a2 Milk™ is poised to solve the digestive discomfort problems of millions of Americans with a naturally occurring dairy product.

Blake Waltrip, the Chief Executive of The a2 Milk Company (U.S.) said:

“Millions of Americans are unnecessarily missing out on the unique nutrition and taste of real dairy milk. We’re excited for the opportunity to change that and transform the way Americans consume dairy. Our experience from Australia shows that The a2 Milk Company can bring people in the U.S. back to dairy and enjoy the great taste of cows’ milk once more. We’re thrilled to continue to build upon the launch start to head into the East coast during March 2017”.

Having established widespread success in Australia and China, The a2 Milk Company will continue its North American push with its sponsorship of G’Day as part of a larger marketing program highlighting the benefits of a2 Milk™ over plant based or modified alternatives.

a2 Milk™ branded products are available in half-gallon cartons in whole milk, 2%, 1% and fat-free across a number of stores throughout the U.S.

For more information about The a2 Milk Company USA, please visit

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