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Issue of shares to Freedom Foods Group Limited - The a2 Milk Company

Market announcements

Issue of shares to Freedom Foods Group Limited

July 9, 2011

a2 Corporation Limited (NZAX:ATM) is pleased to announce that it has issued Freedom Foods Group Limited (previously Freedom Nutritional Products Limited) the following shares:

· 1,599,086 fully paid ordinary shares; and

· 6,158,910 partly paid ordinary shares.

Freedom Foods Group and a2 Corporation have previously agreed to provide Freedom Foods Group anti-dilution protection until 22 July 2011. The issue of the shares enables Freedom Foods Group to maintain its shareholding percentage at the level of its initial investment in a2 Corporation in July 2010, following a number of recent issues of fully paid and partly paid ordinary shares in a2 Corporation. Each such issue was previously announced to the market.

The partly paid ordinary shares result from the issue of partly paid ordinary shares to certain executives of a2 Corporation. They are subject to the restriction that Freedom Foods Group is only able to pay up these shares to the same proportion as the relevant executive pays up their respective partly paid ordinary shares.

a2 Corporation is delighted with the continued support and involvement in the company of one of its cornerstone shareholders.


Cliff Cook


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