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New China E-Commerce Law - The a2 Milk Company

Market announcements

New China E-Commerce Law

September 3, 2018

NZX/ASX Market release

The a2 Milk Company has previously commented that China’s regulatory environment continues to evolve and the Company actively monitors China’s regulatory framework.

The Company wishes to advise that late on Friday, 31 August, the legislative branch of the Chinese Government passed new law providing a framework in respect of e-commerce in China. This framework is broad in scope and will apply in respect of all e-commerce activities, both domestic and cross border (CBEC). The new e-commerce law will come into effect from 1 January 2019 and will cover e-commerce operators (including registration of platform operators), contracts, dispute resolution and promotion.

Further implementation guidance, including implications in respect of the CBEC grace period (due to expire on 31 December), is expected in the coming months.

The Company welcomes the new e-commerce law and the Chinese Government’s continued support of CBEC, which the Company considers will ultimately further protect the rights and safety of consumers and the overall integrity of the channel.

The Company’s business operates a flexible multi-channel multi-product strategy to best position the brand for growth.

The Company will continue to work proactively with its partners to respond to the new e-commerce law and the yet to be released implementation guidance as appropriate.


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