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Notice of Allotment - The a2 Milk Company

Market announcements

Notice of Allotment

October 1, 2009

Listing Rule 7.12.1

a. Class of security and ISIN: Ordinary shares, NZATME0002S8.

b. Number issued: 5,000,000 ordinary shares.

c. The issue price: $0.10 per share.

d. Payment for the shares: The shares were issued for cash.

e. Amount paid up: Partly paid as to $0.001 per share.

f. Percentage of the total class of securities issued: 1.329% of total ordinary shares (post
the issue).

g. Reason for issue: The shares were issued in accordance with an executive director’s
employee incentive arrangement.

h. Specific authority for the issue: A resolution of Directors.

i. Terms or details of the issue: The shares have been issued as partly paid shares
pursuant to certain transfer restrictions which remain in effect while the holder is
employed with the Company and also in certain other circumstances.

j. The total number of securities of the Class in existence after the issue: 376,319,240.

k. Acquisition of shares: N/A.

l. Date of issue: 10 September 2009.


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