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Ongoing Disclosure Notice – Geoffrey Howard Babidge - The a2 Milk Company

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Ongoing Disclosure Notice – Geoffrey Howard Babidge

August 12, 2010

Ongoing Disclosure Notice (Geoffrey Howard Babidge)

Ongoing Disclosure Notice
Section 19T(2), Securities Markets Act 1988

A)  Details of director or officer
Name of director or officer of public issuer: Geoffrey Howard Babidge
Name of public issuer: A2 Corporation Limited
Name of related body corporate (if applicable): N/A
Position held in public issuer: Director

B)  Securities in public issuer or related body corporate to which this disclosure relates
Number, class, and type of securities: 10,000,000 ordinary shares

C)  Nature of relevant interest and name of registered holder
Nature of relevant interest in securities: Power to acquire the securities pursuant to a Share Subscription Deed
Name of registered holder of securities: Geoffrey Howard Babidge

D)  Details of acquisitions and disposals
If the relevant interest was acquired—
Date of acquisition: Share Subscription Deed entered into on 11 August 2010
Consideration paid for acquisition: No consideration payable for entry into Share Subscription Deed

If the relevant interest was disposed of—
Date of disposal:
Consideration paid for disposal:

Type of transaction
Describe the arrangement pursuant to which, or the circumstances in which, the acquisition or disposal took place:

Entry into a Service Agreement and a Share Subscription Deed by Geoffrey Howard Babidge and A2 Corporation Limited on 11 August 2010, pursuant to which A2 Corporation Limited agrees to employ Geoffrey Howard Babidge as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of A2 Corporation Limited with effect from 1 September 2010 and to issue 10,000,000 ordinary shares to Geoffrey Howard Babidge in recognition of his role in the company on 1 September or such other date as agreed in writing by the parties.

E)  Total number of transactions this notice relates to: One.

F)   Date of last disclosure notice (whether in form 1 or form 2) by director or officer: N/A


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