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Results of A2 Corporation Annual Meeting and Special Meeting - The a2 Milk Company

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Results of A2 Corporation Annual Meeting and Special Meeting

September 29, 2008

Auckland, 29th September 2008 – A2 Corporation (NZAX: ATM) (A2C) is pleased to announce the results of the Annual Meeting and Special Meeting held in Auckland on 26th September 2008.

At the Annual Meeting, resolutions were passed confirming the re-election of Greg Hinton and Dr Jock Allison as board members and the reappointment of Ernst & Young as the company auditors.

The Special Meeting, held immediately after the Annual Meeting, passed the following resolutions (which had been previously notified to both shareholders and NZX), the issue of 13,915,962 ordinary shares to the Child Health Research Foundation, the issue of 28,000,000 ordinary shares to AMP Capital Investors and the issue of 50,000,000 ordinary shares to EGI-Fund (08-10) Investors, LLC.




For more information please contact:

Anthony Lawler, CEO, A2 Corporation, Ph +64 9 523 4795

Julien Leys, JML Communications, Mobile +64 21 655 598


About A2 Corporation

A2 Corporation Ltd owns and licenses intellectual property that enables the identification of cattle for the production and subsequent marketing of a2 Milk™(TM). a2 Milk™(TM) is naturally produced to contain maximum amounts of a milk protein variant that is associated by a number of studies with potential benefits in some individuals. A2 Corporation Ltd receives royalty income from sales of a2 Milk™(TM) products and testing for A2 cattle, and shares in the profits or losses of associates and subsidiaries formed for those purposes.


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