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The a2 Milk™ brand expands into the Canadian market under licence - The a2 Milk Company

Market announcements

The a2 Milk™ brand expands into the Canadian market under licence

March 12, 2020

NZX/ASX Market release

The a2 Milk Company is pleased to announce it has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Agrifoods Cooperative (‘Agrifoods’) for the production, distribution, sale and marketing of a2 Milk™ branded liquid milk for the Canadian market as was announced by Agrifoods overnight.

CEO of The a2 Milk Company, Geoffrey Babidge, said: “We are very pleased to form this partnership with Agrifoods through a well-structured license agreement. This arrangement gives us the ability to leverage the brand development work we have already undertaken in North America and expand into the Canadian market with a well-respected partner.”

CEO of Agrifoods Cooperative, Maheb Nathoo, said: “This is an excellent partnership and we are excited to be able to offer a2 Milk™ products to Canadian consumers. The a2 Milk Company is an innovator in the dairy industry and we are delighted to be partnering with them.”

The a2 Milk Company will provide Agrifoods with access to its IP and marketing assets as well as its proprietary systems and know-how relating to the sourcing and processing of a2 Milk™ and will work with Agrifoods and local Canadian dairy farmers to source milk locally. Agrifoods will leverage its substantial capabilities in-market to establish distribution across Canada and has primary responsibility for funding this venture. It is expected that a range of liquid milk products will be launched later this calendar year.

About Agrifoods Cooperative

A leading provider of innovative premium quality dairy and food products and services, Agrifoods are recognised as a successful, profitable and environmentally responsible cooperative headquartered in Canada. Agrifoods Cooperative has been in business for over a century and has grown to become one of Canada’s leading cooperatives with over 2,700 members.

Agrifoods’ family of brands – Organic Meadow, Rolling Meadow, Meadowfresh, Earth’s Own, Happy Planet and Happy Planet Creamery employ over 400 people and have become leaders in the health and wellness industry, producing a wide range of premium, on-trend, wholesome foods and beverages available from coast to coast.

As a cooperative, Agrifoods is dedicated to building up and giving back to their communities through their socially and environmentally conscious commitments, by investing in their employees and mentoring the next generation of dairy farmers and community leaders. For more information visit


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